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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another post agen!!!!!!!!!

i didnt reli feel well frm 8pm n onwards. ive got a headache a stomach ache n im pissed off. ma big bro cancelled a call of ma bf n now ma phona int workin rite. every time u press 2 it cumes up 0 instead.n u no tht u press menu n * to lock ya phone wll it aint workin now. so im proper pissed of. but on the over hand im glad it is cuz ill get a new phone so im waitin to get a flip fone.dun nout to day. went park n played footie wiv leigh (bstiest m8) tom (ma little bro thts a twat) n a cuple of lads. n then i came home n played footie in ma street for a bit. then i went ridin n then had tea.


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