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Thursday, April 20, 2006

horse riding

i no its thursday, but i had no time to post wa happened yesterday at my ridin lesson. well i went ridin n there was this reli big horse in our group called bert. i thou i was ridin him cuz i was the oldest n i rid bigger horses. well instead i rode a flippin horse tht was 10 times SMALLER than bert. her trot was uncomfy. but she had a gud canter. n we did more jumps in the lesson. we did 1 jump at B n did a cuple of jumps at tht 1 n then afta we did a jump at marker M n did a cuple of rounds there n then sue the instructor put another jump out a C which was a plank jump. n wen i was cantering i was goin on the wrong leg all the time n a gud rider in the lesson said to me "ride a 20 metre circle missin the jumps n then as i leave the circle go into the canter. so i did. n the horse went pretty fast. now normally u wuld expect bigger horse/ponies to go faster. but the horse i normally ride tom, n he goes ded slow n stops. well anna the pony i rode went ded fast . but at marker B, we had to poles on top of each other, which made the jump high. n poor anna wiv her being little had problems jumping over the jump, n she kinda stops immedietely in fron of the jump n jus pounces over the jump, makin me fall of nearly. lol. well at the start of the post i forgot to say tht anna actually bit ma hand, n ive got scratch marks frm where i pulled away. shes a horse tht bites. it is soar.


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