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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

tuesday 18th april 2006

ive been covered in fibre glass alllll day. n ive been itching lik hell. (Btw dont i say DONT get covered in fibre glass). n then i went out n played footie n rode round on ma bike. then i had to cum in for ma tea then i did the dishes n then went bak out. i had to go round the shop wiv ma bro becuz theres always prikes hangin around the shop. so i went to the shop wiv ma bro so i culd luk after his bike. ma m8 leigh cam wiv ma so she came wiv us. she brought sum jaffa cakes n shared them between us n then we went to the club to say hi to leighs mum. leighs mum works at the bar in the club.. n then we cam bak to the street, went into leighs yard n played sum more footie. i kept trippin ma little bro over n pushin him into the hedge. then ma big bro shouted us in at 21:15pm lol. then i cam on msn n did ma blog. i dont no wen im goin bed im jus nakered. lol. nytnyt


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